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Just keeping it 100! Kalissa is calling 100 Detroiters with $100 to form a community land trust: Detroit Land Matters. A community land trust (CLT) is a powerful tool for all people rooted in Detroit to collectively define land use in the city. Through a CLT together we can preserve land define use and pass communal land down as a legacy to future generations. Why? Detroit Land Matters because unlike other cities there is still time to protect land use! Detroit Land Matters believes in taking a stand by pooling our funds to shape our own cities revitalization.


With collective funds we will take immediate action by acquiring land from this years October Wayne County Foreclosure Auction! Deadline is fast approaching we have to act today!

How it works

Together through a CLT, Detroit Land Matters, we all will define land use in the city. Preserving the spirit of Detroit culture as a legacy that is protected in a land-trust deed that is passed down generation after generation.

Our community driven process allows us to involve, design, and forge decision making with our collective and neighbors near the lands purchased. We will take a phased approach so the CLT can strategically grow together with the neighborhoods inclusively.

1. Pool money to purchase land in Detroit.
2. The land deeds will be held, protected from speculation and in perpetuity, as a community land trust formed through our non-profit Chariot City, a multi-faith organization on the eastside.
3. Together 100 Detroiters will form steering committees to define land use, each donor can choose their involvement level.
4. Each year fundraisers will be held for upkeep and necessary taxes.
5. The CLT land deed will be perpetual and be passed down to the next generation of Detroiters.

How you can be involved:

Keep it 100! Be one of the first one-hundred initial donors! Your $100 can create a lasting legacy and it is tax deductible! Do you believe that Detroit land matters? Donate $100 now!

Participate! Together we can form steering committees that will focus on defining the the land use for each lot. There will be plenty to do once the properties are owned by the CLT. In November we will hold our first meeting to propose ideas for land use and preservation.

Keep it 💯 Detroit! Together we can purchase and preserve pockets of this unique place for future generations.

We are starting a Community Land Trust: Detroit Land Matters because we believe the rebirth of Detroit must remain in the hands of Detroiters..


Opportunity for long-time Detroiters to have access to define land use during changing times
Create land use for food justice empowerment and education as a right
Invest in water justice through rain water catching, purification and other sustainable efforts
Steward safe, walkable and livable neighborhoods
Permanent affordable housing and business spaces as a right by expanding and preserving access to home and business ownership for groups excluded from the market
Preserving and making more safe and productive the mystical landscape of Detroit’s phenomenal urban prairie.


October 16th- Fundraising Cut off

October 21st- Land Auction Begins

November 1st- Presentation of purchased lots

Mid November- Community Ideation on lots & purpose. Creation of steering committees

January- Monthly work meetings for communities to design land use


We are culture lovers and creators we represent the current generation of Detroiters raising up and hoping for better things. We respect the innovation that has moved through Detroit and worn throughout the struggle. We fundraise to protect the Detroit we love and to help shape the areas that need more love. Our aim is to secure land in trust to create housing and business opportunities for Detroiters today and in future generations. By creating a community land trust we believe that the cultural legacy that is Detroit will be protected from real estate speculation and also desolation by pooling our money for community ownership and necessary upkeep. We aim to gather like minded people to pass on the cultural legacy of the Spirit of Detroit to every future generation through land use.

Why is there a need for DETROIT LAND MATTERS CLT ?

While there’s no stopping Detroit, there’s also no stopping powerful corporations or individuals from purchasing parcels in land grabs. Community Land Trusts can protect what’s left of our neighborhoods from this impending threat. There is need for economic development and now more than ever there is need for equal opportunities for long time Detroiters to reap benefits from and define revitalization here.

Detroit Land Matters CLT Criteria Investment

  • In Detroit City limits
  • Land trust to create programming, businesses, and services that invite, serve and empower Detroiters of all generations and classes-

About The Founder

Detroit Land Matters is a CLT founded by Kalissa Maxwell. Kalissa is a Fine Artist who has lived in Metro Detroit for 25 years. Her and her two sister’s earliest memories are wading in the fountains outside the DIA. Growing up in a rural town outside of Pontiac, Kalissa’s interest in Detroit sparked as a young child knowing her ancestor Augustus Woodward designed the layout of downtown Detroit after the fire in 1801. Inspired by this piece of history she took her camera to the streets in 2003 and strangely enough photographed lush scenes more popularly called “vacant lots.” In 2007 Kalissa Graduated from College for Creative Studies on a scholarship where her thesis was a portrait style photo documentary on Detroit subcultures now titled Hyper Detroit. After becoming close to the communities she loved photographing within Kalissa recognized a need for equal opportunities for long-time Detroiters to define the cities revitalization. She felt a personal need to take action. Detroit Land Matters is a CLT formed under Kalissa’s ecclesiastical non-profit organization Chariot City. Chariot City is a faith based place of worship and meditation committed to serving the community through art, mind, & body wellness. Chariot City is set to open its doors on the east side in spring of 2017. Yes! Kalissa is just keepin it 100! Your $100 contribution is tax deductible! Through Detroit Land Matters we aim to involve, represent and reflect the very best interest of Detroiters to define land use in the city.

Are donations Tax deductible?

You will receive the tax donation receipt by end of the year.


We got 10 Detroiters to pledge to join forces to start a Land Bank. Whoo hoo! We are planning to work directly with Land Bank to purchase as our first project. We want to get more folks involved! If you want to get involved email

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