About Us

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Design Action Lab is collaborative of designers and entrepreneurs from local communities uniting to create innovative solutions to pressing social issues. We aim to unite designers, entrepreneurs, current and future community problem solvers to focus on a “Design Mission,” an action-oriented design thinking program in Metro-Detroit.
We offer a streamlined design process for launching ideas with social impact. We empower our community with the latest user research methods, online design tools, offline ideating workshops, and engagement opportunities to improve the wellbeing of their community.


Our mission is to enagage and empower people with the tools to collaborate on important social issues, and improve the well-being of their community.


Imagine a world where communities can unite together to create and fund local projects that are inclusive, innovative and impactful.

Our Approach

We tackle each social issue via a “Design Misson,” this eight to ten week self­-paced design thinking course and collaborative process focuses our attention on the social issue and creates a space for community members to contribute innovative ideas and build off each other.

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